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Less is more ... rather than overwhelming you with volumes of travel tips, here is a specific list of exclusive recommendations with Mr & Mrs Crystal's stamp of approval.

insider tips

  • Reserve a king side day lounge at Bonj les Bains for sunbaking bliss
  • Buy a lilo and drift away in the Adriatic waters by the Amfora hotel cove.
  • Hire a yacht at the marina or befriend someone who has one so you can sail away into the blissful Hvar sunset.
  • Take a boat to the refreshing Pakleni islands

what we think

Once you have been to Hvar, you won’t want to tell anyone about it. Not because you didn’t love it, but because you will want it to be just as perfect next time you go back, and not spoiled by unyielding crowds. It is the sunniest of the Croatian islands – perfect for soaking up the rays on a private pontoon, where the only obstruction to the picture perfect view of the Adriatic may be the plush white organza curtains on your king size day-bed. For a change of scenery, take a ride on a small motor boat to one of the surrounding islands but make sure you’re back in time for the DJ session to accompany your cocktail while the sun sets. Spend the evenings wandering the charming tiny streets and pause only to pull up a cushion at one of the hole-in-the-wall bars. Hvar is cool without trying too hard. Great views, luxury hotels and a hip crowd makes Hvar worth discovering, before the rest of the hedonist world does.