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Less is more ... rather than overwhelming you with volumes of travel tips, here is a specific list of exclusive recommendations with Mr & Mrs Crystal's stamp of approval.


Belvedere Club

Mykonos is hot and Belvedere Club is even hotter. This chic dining magnet located at Belvedere Hotel serves contemporary Greek cuisine to its trendy clientele in the sexy poolside setting. This all day and into-the-night restaurant is super stylish with a buzzing vibe. Taste the real life at the Belvedere Club.

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 View Map ... Lakka Rohari, School of Fine Arts District, Mykonos, Greece

Behind an unassuming façade hides a fabulous outdoor restaurant combining Japanese minimalism, Italian design and modern Greek fare. The white hues provide a serene backdrop for the avant-garde alfresco space and exceptional fusion cuisine. Interni is always full of beautiful people and its in-house oasis is a super stylish spot for dinner or drinks.

 View Map ... Matogiannia, Mykonos, Greece

Master Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa has extended his sushi empire taking his flair to this stunning open air restaurant situated by the Belvedere Hotel poolside. In Nobu-esque manner, the menu fearlessly combines traditional Japanese ingredients with Latin influences, including the legendary black cod with miso glaze. Peruse the extensive wine list but start off with a sakepirinha (inspired by the ubiquitous capirihna), best accompanied with Nobu’s new-style sashimi.

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 View Map ... Lakka Rohari, School of Fine Arts District, Mykonos, Greece

An excellent beach restaurant, Nammos turns it on by day and by night. Located down a dusty road on the edge of popular Psarou Beach, it is not uncommon to see bikini-clad glitterati devouring a chilled lobster for lunch. The open air feast continues into the evening and will even extend to precious vintages of Dom Perignon if your wallet insists. The vibe is buzzing, the scene is trendy and glam. Nammos is hot at the moment.

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Uno Con Carne

Uno Con Carne effortlessly proves that dining on an island doesn’t need to revolve around seafood. In true Argentinean style, Uno Con Carne specialises in juicy steaks, perfectly complimented by tangy sauces and authentic side dishes with a modern twist. The large space comprises an open-air lounge, the longest bar in Mykonos and plenty of dining space for the fashionable diners to hit the meat market. Be sure to arrive late if you want to immerse yourself in the lively crowd.

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 View Map ... Panachra, Mykonos Town, Greece

what we think

Mykonos is often regarded as a “party island” which does not do justice to the other exceptional qualities it has to offer. Perfect sunshine? Tick. Vibrant old town? Tick. Buzzing restaurants? Tick. Swanky hotels and trendy restaurants? Tick. An array of talcum-powder beaches and beach clubs with en-suite turquoise Aegean waters to choose from? Tick. Add to this the celebrated party atmosphere and you’ll start to understand why Mykonos is is the quintessential Greek island. It is luxe on a whole new level.